Meet Mary Rollins

Owner of Worth Collection of Menlo Park on the San Francisco Peninsula.

Mary Rollins, Owner WORTH Menlo ParkSpecialties: wardrobe consultation, closet editing, personal shopping, alteration expertise, extraordinary customer service.

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I represent the Worth Collection on the SF Peninsula, offering busy women an effortless, time saving, hassle free alternative to shopping in stores or on the internet for their clothing needs. My clients-busy professional women, socially active volunteers, and multitasking moms with no time to shop- come to my trunk shows for the comfortable, wearable, modern looks found nowhere else. In stark contrast to the traditional retail store experience, where finding a knowledgeable sales person can be a challenge, or to shopping online, which can be a frustrating hit or miss proposition, I offer clients the ultimate in personalized service. Clients are able to find what they need and love at my Worth trunk shows – beautifully designed clothing that fits their lifestyle, silhouette and wardrobe needs .

Many women, even the most successful ones, are not necessarily confident about their appearance, no matter how attractive they are. They tend to focus on their faults rather than their attributes. I love to help clients choose the right pieces for them, so that they can feel great about the way they look! Every woman performs better, no matter what her role, when she is confident that she looks her best.

Over the past 23 years, I have personally helped my clients select their wardrobes. Each of these women has her own preferences, personal tastes, lifestyle, and budgets. But the one thing they all have in common is an appreciation of easy it is to look their best, because they received my honest guidance and advise in selecting the styles that work for them!

Additional services I offer my clients are closet editing, and personal shopping services.

Worth is designed for women who want to find, with a minimum of effort, stylish, beautifully made clothing made from the finest fabrics . At each trunk show, clients choose from hundreds of sportswear separates and dresses in sizes 0-20. Our designers take ideas from the runways and streets of Europe and America and use them to create fashions that are current without being faddish, and tasteful without being boring.Be it sporty jeans and tops for everyday, techno fabrics that travel well, business casual looks, appropriate attire for Board meetings, something new for a fundraising event, or an outfit for that very special occasion, you will find fashionable, flattering clothing made from luxurious comfortable fabrics at a Worth trunk show – clothing that will help make you feel confident in the way you look.

A long time client recently had this to say about working with me:

“You have been a godsend over the past 20 years that we have worked together. You are flexible in accommodating my crazy schedule (and some years have picked things out for me when I couldn’t make it and just ordered them—always a success, but you’re willing to return them if I don’t like them). When I arrive, you have already figured out what I’m likely to want and separated it so I can dash in and out if I want to. But you also take the time to walk me around the collection and point out other things that I might not have thought of for myself. You are honest in your opinion of how things look; make suggestions as to how I might wear something/add a scarf/dress it up or down/be more stylish etc. When the clothes come, you bring them to me, fit them, take them to the tailor and drop them off at my house. Net net, I end up with great clothes, ideas I never would have come up with myself for accessorizing them and things that push me a bit (when I want) and it takes less than 2 hours of my time all in. Such great service, and great advice. I couldn’t have asked for more. ”

More Testimonials:

“Mary Rollins has made my life as an executive, high tech investor, board member and working mother easier. She dresses busy executive women appropriately and beautifully whether giving a key note speech, leading a board meeting, attending a white tie event or just going to work everyday. I consistently receive compliments on my attire and I appreciate all the value added services Mary provides, including fitting and delivering garments at my home or office and providing samples of all fabrics and notions so I can find accessories conveniently or handle a repair easily. I spend less time shopping and feel confident that I always have the right thing to wear”
~ Miriam, Co-Founder, Ulu Ventures & Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs

“Mary is a pleasure to work with. She is not at all pushy. She goes the extra mile in finding the right size or color and she never complains about items being returned because the item doesn’t fit right.”
~ Diane, Partner at Jorgenson, Siegel, McClure & Flegel

“Mary transformed my wardrobe and professional image through fabulous one-on-one buying, fitting and style session. I will never shop at a department store again! Totally spoiled.”
~Bonnie, Diagnostics & Life Sciences Business Leader

“I buy almost all of my business and professional clothing from Mary… She does a great job at selecting the right clothing and providing great personal service. Even though I spend more per garment, in the end I not only look terrific but save money but having matching outfits in my closet and not making mistakes. My personal look has improved 100% since working with Mary. I recommend her without reservation”
~Lorraine, Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs at US Department of State

Worth New York

Worth New York is as modern, luxurious and alluring as the women who wear it. From the simplicity of the line and cut, to the quality of fabrics, Worth New York is sophisticated and timeless.

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